Launch Your Paper Straw Production Line – With Our Paper Straw Machines

The market for sustainable paper straws is booming. With regulations restricting single-use plastics becoming the norm, now’s the time to transition away from plastic straws. Start your own paper straw production line and get ahead of the curve, with Tembo Paper’s paper straw machine.

High volume, high precision, low waste – our paper straw-making machine lets you produce biodegradable paper straws of the highest quality, with the smallest possible footprint. It’s highly automated – making profitable production possible in all parts of the world.  

What You Can Expect from Tembo’s Paper Spiraling Technology

At Tembo Paper, we’ve developed the technology of our paper straw-making machine from the expertise of our sister Tembo companies. Our paper spiraling technology guarantees optimal production, ensuring a 100% quality output of sustainable and biodegradable paper straws.

Here’s what you can expect from our paper straw production line.

  • Machines reach a speed of 90 metres per minute. That’s 450 biodegradable straws per minute.
  • Each machine has a footprint of 3.6 square metres – saving floorspace without sacrificing quality.
  • SPI Glue Application System enables precision application of glue to each straw.
  • Eco-friendly straws can be produced at 3-10mm diameter, and 116-260mm length.
  • Dimensions and quality of straws are controlled individually, with faults recognised and rejected mid-production.
  • Waste is minimised, through the controlled tension of bobbins.

Make the Switch to Tembo’s Paper Straw Machine

All around the world, public attitudes to single-use plastic products and packaging are changing. Research from New York University found that consumers are increasingly rewarding brands offering sustainable products. Meanwhile, across the EU, disposable plastic straws is restricted from July 2021 – and other countries are following suit. 

Take the opportunity to transform your production line to compostable and sustainable paper straws. At Tembo Paper, we are uniquely placed to help you make the transition.