Paper Straw Manufacturer in Italy

In Italy, single-use plastic straws are a thing of the past. From Puglia to Milan, local restrictions on disposable plastics are common throughout the country, while 2021 will see them banned across Europe. With consumer attitudes to plastic straws changing too, businesses need to find an environmentally friendly alternative.

At Tembo Paper, we can help. We produce biodegradable paper straws as well as the innovative machinery behind them. Located in the Netherlands and active worldwide, we supply companies across Europe with the technology and expertise to make the switch from disposable plastic straws.

Request a sample and buy paper straws wholesale directly from us. Or become a paper straw manufacturer in Italy yourself with one of our paper straw machines.

The Tide is Turning against Plastic in Italy

In Italy, over 80% of litter found on beaches is plastic. With one of the longest coastlines in the Mediterranean, it is most at risk of further pollution by marine plastics. As a result, there’s little wonder that consumer attitudes to single-use plastics are changing. According to a European Investment Bank survey, over 90% of Italians intend to stop using single-use plastic bottles, while 96% try to avoid plastic packaging when shopping.

With local governments across the country banning single-use plastics – and the national government following suit – companies need to adapt to changing public demand. At Tembo Paper, our technology can help you find a sustainable alternative to plastic straws.

Buy Paper Straws in Bulk

We make paper straws with a difference. Responsibly sourced materials and innovative methods combine to ensure our wholesale paper straws meet the highest quality every time. Sustainability should never sacrifice user experience – and our specific expertise uniquely places us to meet every customer’s specific needs.

Here’s what you can expect from every Tembo Paper straw.

  • Fully biodegradable and made from responsibly sourced, sustainable paper.
  •  Three paper layers and less than 4% adhesive – to ensure durability and a minimal environmental footprint.
  • Straight, telescopic, or U-shaped, ensuring that we meet every client’s design demands.
  • The largest range of size on the market, with 3-10mm diameter and 116-260mm length.
  • Non-soggy and durable – even after 3 hours in liquid.
  • White label paper straws wholesale, so that you can add your own design.  

Become a Paper Straw Manufacturer in Italy

With Tembo Paper’s paper straw technology, we can help your business to become a paper straw manufacturer in Italy. 

We supply paper straw making machines to businesses across the globe. They are high precision, high volume, and low waste – guaranteeing the highest quality products with the smallest ecological footprint.

Upgrade your production line and deliver compostable paper straws to your customers across Italy. Our expertise and technology will empower your business to keep up with changing attitudes.