Market-Leading Paper Straw Machines

At Tembo Paper, our unique paper straw-making machines are at the heart of what we do. High-speed and highly automated, our technology combines quality and convenience of production with sustainability. By producing straight, telescopic, and U-shaped straws, versatility is central too. That means our paper straw machines let you offer greater choice to your clients – while keeping the highest possible standard of straw. 

All our machines are powered by our vertical paper spiraling technology. This method was developed by our teams to ensure that the quality of every straw can be relied on, while glues and other other external ingredients are kept to a minimum. This way, the end result is sustainable, biodegradable, and free from chemicals that may affect taste and safety.

Get in touch to find out more about our paper straw machines. At Tembo Paper, we provide businesses with the technology and expertise they need to set up their own paper straw production line. Or, we can help your brand to produce the industrial paper straws your products need.

The Technology behind Our Paper Straw-Making Machines

When it comes to paper straw production, paper spiraling changes everything. Ensuring high-quality, high-precision, and low-waste production, the unique technologies that power our paper straw machines give your brand the edge over your competition. And they provide the flexibility you need to satisfy every client’s demands.

Tembo Paper’s paper straw-making machines promise:

  • Straws at 3-10mm diameter and 116-260mm length
  • Options of U-shaped, telescopic, and straight straws
  • Production capacity of 1,825 paper straws per minute
  • An SPI Glue Application System, to ensure precision application to every straw
  • A compact footprint, at 3.6 square metres
  • A modular structure, to ensure both versatility and production continuity if one module malfunctions
  • Quality control on every straw mid-production
  • Low-waste production, through angular cutting and minimal glue

Our machines make paper straw production sustainable, convenient, and reliably high-quality. Upgrade your production line to paper straws today – or partner with us, and let us help make paper straws that suit your business needs.

Offer More to Your Clients

Offer more to your clients with Tembo Paper’s straw machines. They are designed with versatility in mind – allowing you to produce the biodegradable straws to meet all your client needs, while guaranteeing quality and sustainability of production. 

Expand your brand’s straw production portfolio. From classic straight straws to telescopic alternatives, our paper straw-making machine makes a wider range of products easier. 

Talk to us to broaden your production possibilities. Or partner with us to produce a straw that meets your own brand’s requirements. At Tembo Paper, we’ll be there throughout the extent of your production process – whatever further support you might need.