Paper Straw Manufacturer in Spain

Consumers across Spain want an alternative to plastic straws. At Tembo Paper, we are uniquely placed to help your business provide one. We supply brands with paper straws wholesale and the machines that make them.

Based in the Netherlands, our technology and expertise are recognised and trusted by brands across Europe and the world. We can provide your business with the tools and know-how to become a local manufacturer of sustainable paper straws in Spain.

Get in touch to transform your production line with a paper straw-making machine from Tembo Paper. Or buy paper straws in bulk directly from us. They’re biodegradable, high-quality, and can be produced to your branding and business needs.

Spanish Attitudes to Single-Use Plastics are Changing.

Across Spain, 13 million plastic straws are used every day, according to Greenpeace. Yet, Spanish attitudes to single-use plastics are changing. 80% of Spaniards say that a product’s packaging affects their purchasing decision. 95%, meanwhile, intend to cut their use of plastic in the future.

With consumer priorities changing across the country, businesses need to adapt. Tembo Paper can help you provide your customers with the sustainable products they want – without sacrificing user experience.

Buy Paper Straws in Bulk from Tembo Paper

At Tembo Paper, we are trusted by companies across the world to deliver the highest quality sustainable paper straws wholesale. The combined expertise of our Tembo sister companies goes into the technology we develop to produce our paper straws in bulk. From responsibly sourced paper to precision production, we guarantee eco-friendly products that maintain optimal user experience.

Every straw boasts the following features:

  • 3 paper layers and minimal glue that ensure durability while keeping straws as thin as small as possible
  • After 3 hours in liquid, our straws don’t deform, get soggy, or have loose ends
  • No fizz effect and easy lip release
  • Biodegradable, responsibly sourced paper – ensuring sustainability is embedded in every product

We can produce in paper all of the common straw sizes on the market, at 3-11mm diameter and 125-250mm length. U-shaped, telescopic, or classic straight straws are available too.

Switch Your Production Line from Plastic Straws to Sustainable Paper

Our paper straw machine is designed to achieve the smallest physical and ecological footprint. It’s highly automated, with a precision system that controls the quality of every single straw. The result is flawless output and minimal waste – while ensuring convenience in every production environment.

Become a manufacturer of paper straws in Spain and deliver biodegradable paper straws to your customers. With Tembo Paper’s paper spiraling technology, stay ahead of Europe’s changing consumer attitudes.