Tembo Paper: the high-quality biodegradable paper alternative for plastic straws

With the technology developed by Tembo Paper, you can produce all sizes of biodegradable paper straws, to replace plastic straws, used in and by your company.

At Tembo Paper you can order your own white label paper straws or start your own paper straw production line. The paper spiralling technology enables high-volume and high-quality production of paper straws with diameter ranging from 3 mm to 11 mm (0.11-0.43 inch). As of 2019, Tembo Paper will start up production facilities in Europe and the USA.


Tembo Paper, it starts with technology

At Tembo we use technology to contribute to better and alternative products. Using the machine design capabilities and adhesive knowledge at several Tembo companies, has enabled us to build a high-end paper straw producing platform.

Highest quality biodegradable paper straws

The Tembo Paper platform can produce the highest quality and most sustainable, biodegradable paper straws available, worldwide. The platform is equipped for production in high volume with high precision. The Tembo Paper spiralling technology guarantees zero-failure output.

Buy large quantities of white label paper straws

To eliminate the use of plastic straws as soon as possible, Tembo is starting up its own biodegrable paper straw production sites. Companies in the food service industry and other bulk straw-consuming companies can order paper straws in their own design. Tembo Paper is embracing the circular economy concept. We are producing white-label paper straws with minimum waste and by minimizing the use of glue and paper. Our production facilities are powered by sustainable energy, sourced for example by solar panels on the roof.

Your own paper straw production line

To quickly increase the production of paper straws, Tembo Paper is aiming to partner with companies worldwide that have strong logistic systems or networks. As a partner, Tembo Paper will supply the paper straw production line to your site and offers its know-how in paper straws. Together we can provide as many biodegradable paper straws as needed to replace the use of plastic straws completely.

Tembo Paper, it starts with technology