Tembo Paper: The sustainable high-quality alternative to plastic straws

The days of plastic are numbered. At Tembo Paper, we can help your business transition from plastic straws to a high-quality, environmentally-friendly paper alternative – without skipping a beat.

We produce biodegradable paper straws and the machinery that makes them. Our unique paper straw technology enables the delivery of high-volume paper straw production to meet any client demands. By working only with the best suppliers and materials, and by minimising waste, we ensure optimal quality while keeping our environmental footprint low.

Order sustainable paper straws wholesale directly from us. Or start your own paper straw production line with a custom-developed Tembo Paper machine.

What do you need?

Our Paper Straws Start with Technology

At Tembo Paper, we develop the technology that makes higher quality products possible. Using our unique capacity for machine design and the combined knowledge of our sister Tembo companies, we’ve been able to optimise the paper straw production process. Expect world-class quality in every straw.

The Highest Quality Eco-Friendly Straws

Tembo Paper reliably delivers the highest quality and the most sustainable paper straws available worldwide. Our paper straw machines guarantee high volume and high precision – minimising waste while guaranteeing zero-failure output.

Buy Paper Straws Wholesale

At Tembo Paper, we supply paper straws in bulk to brands worldwide. We’ve produced the world’s only machine to manufacture paper straws at 3mm diameter, making us uniquely positioned to provide your business with eco-friendly paper straws of all sizes and specifications. Get in touch and let us provide samples to your specific design.

Integrate Tembo Paper Machine Into Your Production Line

Become a local manufacturer of biodegradable straws. Our paper spiraling technology empowers businesses to alter their production line from plastic straws to a more sustainable alternative. With high precision, high volume, and low waste, our paper straw-making machines guarantee optimal production – while using the smallest possible physical footprint.

Our Paper Straws Start with Technology