Paper Straw Manufacturer in France

With attitudes to plastic straws changing in France and around the world, businesses need to find an eco-friendly alternative. At Tembo Paper, we supply biodegradable paper straws in bulk – and the machinery that produces them – to help your business make the transition, in France or further afield.

Situated in the Netherlands, we are perfectly positioned to provide sustainable paper straws wholesale to clients across Europe. Yet, we’re proud that our expertise extends beyond the straws themselves. By designing, producing, and supplying our paper straw-making machines too, we support businesses to upgrade their production to meet the demand of environmentally conscious consumers.

Take your straw production to the next level by embracing a quality, compostable alternative to plastic. Or get in touch to buy wholesale paper straws directly from Tembo Paper.

French Attitudes to Plastic Straws are Changing

Across the world, consumer attitudes to plastics are changing. With nearly two thirds of French consumers stating that businesses aren’t doing enough to provide sustainable packaging solutions, France is no exception.

These changes to global opinion are affecting plastic straws too. From July 2021, restrictions on single-use plastics – including plastic straws – came into force across Europe, and over 80% of consumers in France support the move. This is your brand’s opportunity to make the change to a sustainable alternative.

Tembo Paper’s Paper Straws in Bulk

At Tembo Paper, we supply businesses across France with biodegradable paper straws they can trust, and the machines that produce them. Our responsibly sourced materials and our unique manufacturing methods ensure we achieve the highest standards in every straw. That means no sogginess or bad taste – and an environmental footprint that is as low as possible.

  • 3 paper layers and less than 4% adhesive ensure straws keep their structure during drinking, while removing barriers to biodegrading.
  • No sogginess or deformation before 3 hours – so users can enjoy their drink as normal.
  • Only responsibly sourced paper, allowing us to embed sustainability into every stage of the production process.
  • Every common straw size available in paper. 3-10mm diameter and 116-260mm length – to meet every client’s design.
  • Telescopic, U-shaped, and classic straight straws enable your straws to match your brand.
  • Tembo-developed technology. We designed and built the machines that make the straws – including the world’s first paper straw machine to make straws of a 3mm diameter.

Make the Transition to Paper Straw Production

Become a paper straw manufacturer in France with a paper straw making machine from Tembo Paper.

With precision glue application and a system that controls each individual straw for flaws, our machines ensure 100% quality output. That means minimising waste while optimising efficiency – and ensuring that environmental impact is kept as low as possible.

Stay ahead of changing public opinion on single-use plastic. Upgrade your line and become a local producer of sustainable paper straws in bulk in France. Low waste, high volume, and high automation, Tembo Paper’s paper straw machines make it easy.