We use technology for better alternatives

Tembo Paper is the result of combined brainpower of our Tembo companies. By combining the knowhow our companies have, we can proudly present the high-end technology to convert paper into biodegradable paper straws.

By eliminating plastic straws and replacing them with a good and truly biodegradable alternative, we can prevent hundreds of billions of plastic straws littering the environment and oceans. In many countries these plastic straws are rightfully being banned or at least regulations are in the making. The European Union is banning single-use plastic products, as are the cities of Seattle and Malibu(USA), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and New Delhi (India) for at least plastic straws. That this is a worldwide trend, is proven by new legislation in, for example, Rwanda, Zimbabwe and Taiwan.

Limited footprint and production costs to enable worldwide production

Until now, there was no technology available to deal with the vast challenge of producing paper straws in high volumes. Tembo Paper offers a paper straw production platform that is truly high speed, highly automated and capable of making the best quality biodegradable paper straw so far. The footprint required is up to ten times smaller than all available technology today.

Crucial factors to produce in proximity of customers

The compact design and high-automation level of the platform makes it possible to produce all around the world, at the lowest possible costs, with the lowest amount of human interaction. Because labour costs are not the crucial factor in the production process, Tembo Paper offers companies the opportunity to produce at competitive prices all over the world. Proximity to markets is key for lowering the logistic costs and the carbon footprint.

Rolling-out paper straw production locations

Starting up Tembo Paper is the beginning of a huge new adventure of our Tembo group of companies. By the middle of 2019, we will start up white label paper straws production locations in several areas across the world, and we will start delivering the first platforms to companies that partner with us. We all are very excited to be able to play a significant role in the elimination of plastic straws!

More better, sustainable alternatives to come

Tembo, and especially Tembo Paper, will continuously look for truly biodegradable alternatives for products that today litter our planet. We believe that technology can improve our world and that is why we will keep looking for and developing technologies to accelerate the green revolution.


Job openings at Tembo Paper
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Circular economy

Tembo Paper is embracing the circular economy. By limiting the use of glue and preventing paper waste, we aim to use as few resources as possible. We will start up and partner with production locations worldwide. We will minimize the carbon footprint by producing in the proximity of customers and by powering our production locations with sustainable energy, like solar energy. All white label paper straws are 100 percent biodegradable.