Paper Straw Manufacturer in Germany

Across the world, consumers are turning away from single-use plastics. Germany is no exception. With laws approaching restricting plastic straws, the race is on to find a sustainable alternative. At Tembo Paper, we can help your business make the transition. We supply brands across Europe with eco-friendly paper straws – and the machines that manufacture them.

With our unique paper straw making machines, we are world leaders in paper straw technology. Located in the Netherlands, we work with businesses across Europe to produce high-quality, sustainable paper straws locally. Let us help you make the switch from plastic to biodegradable paper.

Get in touch to upgrade your line and produce eco-friendly paper straws. Or buy paper straws in bulk directly from us. Now is the time to make the change.

In Germany, Plastic Straws are on Their Way Out

Consumer attitudes to single-use plastics are changing across Europe – and Germany is leading the way. According to a recent poll, 80% of Germans support the EU’s move to restrict disposable plastics due in 2021. Three quarters of consumers in Germany want products that use less plastic, while over half would go to a different store to find environmentally friendly alternatives.

Your business needs to cater to these new attitudes. Germany has long been one of Europe’s largest consumers of disposable plastic straws – yet, consumers are now demanding an alternative. At Tembo Paper, we can provide the technology and know-how to help you to provide one.

Supplying Sustainable Paper Straws in Bulk across Europe

We supply paper straws wholesale to businesses across Germany. With the combined knowledge of the Tembo companies, we guarantee the highest quality without sacrificing sustainability. And we have developed all of our paper straw technology ourselves, giving us the flexibility to meet every client demand.

Here’s what you can expect from our paper straws:

  • 3 paper layers and less than 4% adhesive allow us to balance product durability with a low ecological impact.
  • 3-hour lifespan in liquid without sogginess or deformation – to balance user experience with biodegradability
  • All paper is responsibly sourced, to ensure our products are green at every stage of the life cycle.
  • Our straight, telescopic, or U-shaped straws let us meet your design needs.
  • All common widths and lengths available: 3-10mm diameter and 116-260mm length.
  • Tembo’s own paper straw technology. We build our paper straw machines ourselves – including the world’s only machine to produce 3mm-diameter paper straws.

Become a Paper Straw Manufacturer in Germany

With Tembo Paper’s paper straw-making machines, you can become a local paper straw manufacturer in Germany yourself.

We put sustainability at the heart of the production process. Our unique paper spiraling technology guarantees 100% quality output while ensuring waste is kept to a minimum. The machines are highly automated too, enabling convenient production in every environment.

Stay ahead of Europe’s changing consumer demands. Make the transition to eco-friendly paper straws with Tembo Paper’s paper straw machine.