Paper Straw Manufacturer in Canada

Across the world, the tide is turning against single-use plastics – and Canada is no exception. With restrictions on disposable products since 2021, now’s the time for Canadian businesses to find an alternative. At Tembo Paper, we can help. We deliver sustainable paper straws in bulk – and the machinery that produces them – to brands that want to do good both by their customers and the environment.

Centred in the Netherlands, Europe, we partner with local brands to supply compostable paper straws wholesale to clients across the world. As a result, we do much more than just the straws themselves. We design and produce paper straw machines too – to give businesses the tools they need to upgrade their own straw production lines.

Take your straw production to the next stage with a paper spiraling machine from Tembo Paper. Or buy paper straws in bulk directly from us – and give consumers in Canada the environmentally friendly products they demand.

In Canada, Attitudes to Plastic are Changing

The days of plastic are numbered. Thanks to campaigns and government initiatives across the world, consumers are demanding changes to the way that we consume and use disposable plastics. And in Canada, 88% of consumers believe plastic pollution to be one of the world’s biggest environmental challenges. A massive 97%, meanwhile, want to see retailers and manufacturers use less plastic.

It’s time for your business to change. And with new restrictions on plastic straws in Canada in 2021, the transition to paper straws is more urgent than ever.

Bring Tembo Paper’s Paper Straws to Canada

We supply brands across Europe and North America with compostable, high quality paper straws wholesale. They’re sustainable, and our unique technology guarantees the same high standard consumers expect from their plastic alternative. That means no sogginess, no bits left behind in your drink, and no bad taste.

  • Responsibly sourced paper ensures that our production process is sustainable from start to finish.
  • A range of straw sizes – 3-10mm diameter and 116-260mm length – ensures we meet every client’s needs.
  • Straight, U-shaped, or telescopic straws mean that we can match your brand and design.
  • 3 paper layers and less than 4% adhesive achieve a blend of user comfort and biodegradability.
  • No deformation, sogginess, or loose ends before 3 hours in liquid ensures an optimum drinking experience.
  • Technology built by us. At Tembo Paper, we developed our paper straw-making machines ourselves – including the machine that creates straws of 3mm diameter.

Member of Sustainable Packaging Coalition

In the American market, Tembo is a member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC). This is part of our commitment to providing innovative manufacturing solutions for better sustainable alternatives in the FMCG market.

The SPC is a membership-based collaborative that believes in the power of industry to make packaging more sustainable. It is a trademark project of GreenBlue, which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the sustainable use of materials in society. Together, we work towards innovation and best practices to promote the creation of a more sustainable materials economy.

Transition to Paper Straw Manufacturing Today

With a paper spiraling machine from Tembo Paper, you can become a paper straw manufacturer in Canada. Our paper straw machines ensure straw production is high volume, high quality, and low waste. Every straw is controlled individually for quality during production too, to ensure 100% quality output. This means that we keep discards to a minimum – and save precious ecological resources.

Stay ahead of the curve and deliver sustainable paper straw production in Canada. Consumers want a transition away from plastic – and, at Tembo Paper, we can help you provide it.