We believe in partnerships

At Tembo, we supply high-speed machinery and we also co-develop innovative products to help global brands stand-out in the market.

Tembo is a group of companies that believes in technology to improve our world, and we are always open to connect with other business that share the same vision. We invest in technology that really makes a difference. Contact one of our representatives today and become a Tembo’s certified partner. 

Why partner-up with Tembo?

Tembo brings together the most passionate and talented business owners, as well as leaders and entrepreneurs that believe in building a better future by achieving a more sustainable circular economy.  

Our team around the world is committed to create partnerships that makes a positive impact in our customers and the world. Here some of the reasons why Tembo is your best ally for future-proof product & machine development:

  • Strong knowledge & expertise: Our team has a deeply understanding of the market, products and technology.
  • Close & Open collaboration: Our team is 100% committed with every project from beginning to end, and always open for feedback.
  • Continuous innovation: We develop and co-develop future-proof machine & product technology in one place.
  • Worldwide Partner Network: We focus in strong alliances around the world that share our values and commitment to provide world-class service.

Our partners include