Start your own paper straw production line

The market for paper straws is booming. By starting your own paper straw production line, your company can profit from this perspective and simultaneously contribute to a more sustainable world.

Tembo Paper is aiming to partner with producing companies worldwide. Tembo Paper will supply the paper straw production lines, to enable our partners to produce biodegradable paper straws of the highest quality, in high volumes.

Because the Tembo Paper spiraling technology is highly automated and only requires a small footprint, it is possible to start-up profitable production facilities in all parts of the world.

Main features of the Tembo Paper spiraling technology

The paper spiraling technology has been developed, based on the expertise of several Tembo companies. Their combined technology guarantees a solid platform that can produce in high-volumes, with high precision and a hundred percent quality output.

  • Speed: 90 meters/min (450 straws per minute)
  • Footprint: 2,6 square metres
  • SPI Glue Application System: Enables the control of the precise amount of glue applied to each straw.
  • Glue Detection System: Rejection of single paper straws during production
  • Individual Collecting System: Controls length and diameter of each single straw, rejects products that do not conform to the specifications
  • Minimization of Waste: Controled tension of bobbins, less than 20 metres per bobbin.
  • Product range (straws): Diameter: 3-11 mm, Length: 125-250 mm
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Paper spiralling platform

Tembo Paper offers the fastest paper straw making platform available worldwide.