Sustainable paper straws in bulk – to match your branding and business needs

At Tembo Paper, we provide brands around the world with compostable paper straws in bulk. We’re a white-label producer, meaning our wholesale paper straws are not only environmentally friendly and completely biodegradable, but they will also be unique to your design specifications.

We combine sustainable, high-quality paper with the most advanced technology in the industry. With single-use plastic straws on their way out, now’s the time to find an environmentally friendly alternative. 

Wholesale Paper Straws – to any Measure

We supply biodegradable straws wholesale, in a range of shapes and sizes. Powered by our unique spiraling technology, we can manufacture all of the common straw dimensions currently on the market, made from sustainable paper.

At Tembo Paper, we can make compostable paper straws to the following dimensions:

  • Diameter: 3-10mm (0.11-0.39 inches)
  • Length: 116-260mm (4.92-4.56 inches)

Our world-leading Paper Papyrus machine also lets us make telescopic, straight, or U-shaped straws – to ensure we meet all your business needs.

The Highest Standard Paper Straws Wholesale

At Tembo Paper, we combine sustainability with the highest standards. That means keeping production waste to a minimum, while collaborating with leaders in the paper and glue industries to ensure we use the right materials to optimise the user experience.

Here’s what you can expect from our wholesale paper straws.

  • Only three paper layers ensures rigidity while keeping the straws as thin as possible
  • Less than 4% adhesives means no chemical taste
  • After 3 hours in liquid, our straws don’t deform – nor get loose ends
  • No fizz effect in carbonated drinks
  • Easy lip release

Our Expertise

We’re experts in the manufacture and supply of paper straws wholesale. But we’re world-leaders in the production of the technology behind paper straws, too. 

As a result, we’re uniquely positioned to produce the specific paper straws in bulk that are right for your business. We can provide biodegradable straws with more or fewer paper layers, for example, or with different types of paper. We’re always happy to accommodate your requirements.

Buy Paper Straws in Bulk from Tembo Paper

With laws and consumer attitudes changing, single-use plastic is on its way out. Now’s the time to make the transition to a more sustainable alternative.

Get in touch with Tembo Paper for samples of paper straws to meet your vision of size, quality, and design. Together, we can develop the environmentally friendly paper straw for your needs.

Our Green Credentials

We are determined to do our bit for the planet here at Tembo Paper. You can trust that all of our wholesale paper straws are 100% biodegradable. But by limiting the use of glue and by keeping waste to a minimum, we endeavour to use resources as efficiently as possible too. 

But that’s not all we’re doing for the environment. By initiating and partnering with production locations worldwide, we’re putting our straws as close to our customers as possible. And by powering our production with sustainable energy, we’re aiming to minimise our carbon footprint everywhere we work.