Order your own brand of biodegradable paper straws

At Tembo Paper you can design and order your own brand of paper straws. By becoming a white-label producer, we are striving to accommodate companies who use a large quantity of straws, especially in the food service sector.

We will provide high quantities of biodegradable paper straws at the most competitive price.

Product range in diameter and length

Tembo Paper offers you a wide range of biodegradable paper straws, varying in diameter and length:

  • Diameter: 3-11 mm (0.11-0.43 inch)
  • Length: 125-260 mm (4.92-9.84 inch)

With our diameter and length variations, we can provide all common straws used on the market today. 

Expert knowledge for highest quality

To guarantee the highest quality of straws, we have joined with leaders in the paper and glue industry. They have helped us to develop the most sustainable paper straws of the highest quality.

The Tembo Paper straw standard

Our white label straws all comply with the following paper straw standard:

  • Composition: 3 paper layers: 120-120-60 gr
  • Less than 2% glue used
  • Hardness: no deformation of the straw under different levels of pressure after up to 3 hours immersion in liquid (measured at 15 min intervals)
  • Loose ends: No loose ends after 3 hours immersion
  • Anti-Fizziness: Minimize “fizz” effect when in contact with carbonated liquids (paper related).
  • Lip release

Based on these standards, we guarantee the highest quality of straws.

Product optimization program

To optimize products in quality and costs, we are happy to combine the expertise of partners with our own. This can lead to paper straws with less or more paper layers, use layers with different grammages or different types of paper or produce straws without overlap.

Develop your paper straw and receive samples

To meet your demands in size, quality and design, Tembo Paper offers the opportunity to produce samples of paper straws. Together we can develop the ultimate paper straw(s) for your company.