The positive effect of David Attenborough’s documentaries

April 23, 2019
The positive effect of David Attenborough’s documentaries

According a recent study in the UK, people are more willing to reduce their use of disposable plastics, because of their increasing awareness. Respondents have described David Attenborough's TV series Blue Planet II and Our Planet as a 'key influencer'.

Even though 92-year-old Attenborough is mentioned as the key influencer, still the younger consumers are more considerate about sustainable materials than older generations.

The study, of over 3,800 people looked into sustainable packaging in the UK and the US, with 42 per cent of people from both countries saying products which use sustainable materials are important when it comes to day-to-day purchases.

In the UK, participants said their motivations behind buying sustainably-packaged products was a personal desire to be less wasteful.

While another important figure emerged – as three in 10 people said they feel they still don’t have enough information about which products can and can’t be recycled. However, the study also revealed 44 per cent of women feel this way, compared with 29 per cent of men.