Tembo builds paper straw machines to produce 27,000 paper straws per hour

June 3, 2019
Tembo builds paper straw machines to produce 27,000 paper straws per hour

The Dutch Tembo group is behind the construction of the factory. The plant will be built at the Tembo head office at the Constructieweg in Kampen in the Netherlands. The objective of the group is to eliminate plastic straws as soon as possible. Last December, the European Union reached the decision that plastic straws will be banned from 2021.

Production capacity

“The machine can produce 90 metres of straws per minute. Depending on the customer's choice we make straws of different thicknesses and lengths,’’ says marketing employee Jolanda de Vries. For a standard straw, this comes down to 450 straws per minute, or 27,000 straws per hour. Jolanda says that there has already been a trial with paper straws with the logo of the PEC Zwolle soccer team on them.
The opening date of the plant is not yet known, but the plan is to start production in July.

The production of paper straws has been made possible by the development of the spiral technology by the Luxembourg sister company Imatec. As management board we immediately saw opportunities to increase the worldwide production of paper straws. Because this technology allows the production of huge volumes on a very limited floor space, we are able to market a high-quality alternative to plastic straws," says Arend van der Sluis, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tembo.

About eleven hundred employees work for the Tembo companies worldwide. For the plant to work optimally, Tembo Paper is looking for machine operators. Click here to see job opportunities.